Rising Software V6

Taking music education to the cloud

Rising Software produces the world’s most comprehensive aural training and music theory software – Auralia and Musition.

As a longtime design partner, we conceptualised and brought to life a new look and feel for their latest release of Version 6.

Rising Software
Technology & Innovation
Brand Identity Design
UX/UI Design 
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Branding animation for Rising Software V6 Musition
Brand animation for Rising Software V6 Auralia

Shaping the future of music education


Rising Software are a local music education software success story that have global reach. Their biggest selling titles – Auralia and Musition – are available as both browser (cloud) and desktop-based applications, with subscriptions coming from education institutes around the globe.

Our task

Our focus was to bring a fresh and creative twist to their brand identity, that would complement their latest release, Version 6. We took the existing brand icons and remixed them into a youthful and eclectic mashup of textures, colours and instruments. This new look and feel has been rolled out across Rising Software’s suite of marketing tools and UI design.

Rising Software homepage displaying on a laptop screen
Pages from the Rising Software V6 brand guidelines
Mockups of Rising Software V6 website screens