Creative Marketing Campaigns and Brand Strategy

Creative Campaigns

We develop, design and deliver creative marketing campaigns and strategies that cut through the noise and make an impact.

Creative campaign capabilities we’ll provide your team

Collecting and connecting the dots.

Our research informs our strategy. And if a marketing strategy isn’t backed by solid research, then it’s based on assumptions, and that’s risky business.

It’s essential that the research collected is truly valuable and useful, not research for research sake. That’s why we work with you to define the right individuals to ask the right questions in the most efficient and appropriate way.

The Alto team can assist you with:

→ Qualitative and Quantitative Research

→ Primary and Secondary Research

→ Brand and Competitor Research

→ Customer and Market Research

You tell us the goals. We’ll help you design the strategy.

A strategy can’t exist if there is no goal—you can’t make a plan to achieve something if you don’t know what it is you are trying to achieve. So let’s start by talking about your goals and how we can formulate strategies to help you get there sooner.

See our 5 step approach to strategy

Getting the story straight.

You hear that? It’s noisy out there huh.

For a brand marketing campaign to cut through you need a story that resonates and connects to your audience. Hits them right between the eyes. Makes them feel all the feels. Compelling messages can change behaviours, perspectives, opinions, and mindsets and even change the world. So what’s your story?

The Alto team can help you define:

→ Key Messaging

→ Campaign Narrative Development 

→ Campaign Tone of Voice

→ Straplines and Taglines

Creating a consistent visual language.

Good visual design is critical to the success of every brand or marketing campaign. Every touchpoint you have with your audience—your website, social media, video content, printed collateral—leaves an impression. Let us help you make the best impression.

Here’s a couple of our favourite creative campaign designs:

Shape RMIT Campaign

William Angliss Campaign

Where the rubber meets the road.

There are many ways to take a campaign to market. And many assets that need to be created. Our skilled team of creatives can produce almost any kind of communication touchpoint or asset that you need to connect to your audience.

Here’s a few things we do:

→ Websites & Apps

→ Mircosites & Landing Pages

→ Print & Digital Assets

→ Social Media Assets

→ Environmental Signage

→ Videos & Advertisements 

→ Publication Design

→ Product Packaging

→ Content Creation 

→ Copywriting

And more…

Increase your teams creative capacity and capability without all the overheads of a typical agency

Be it a team of one or one hundred, we plug straight into your business and provide:


The perspective and insight that those on the inside sometimes can’t see.


The expert skills and knowledge that you don’t have in-house.


Direct access to a skilled and experienced core team and network of collaborators.


The extra set of hands when you can’t handle the workload internally.


The ability to be flexible, move fast and efficiently.


You don’t need to manage us, we don’t get caught in politics or red-tape.

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Brands we collaborate with
Logos of organisations we work with MID RMIT University Monash University William Angliss Institute and WorldSkills | Communication Consultants | Studio Alto

Campaign experience

→ Brand launch campaigns

→ Awareness campaigns

→ Product launch campaigns

→ Marketing campaigns

→ Fundraising campaigns

→ Internal comms campaigns

Output capabilities

→ All digital communications

→ All print communications

→ Videos + Animations

→ UI / UX design

→ Graphic Design

→ Copywriting + Content

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