William Angliss Experience Campaign

Experience is Everything Campaign

William Angliss Institute is a proven specialist in developing leaders in the ‘experience industries’ – foods, tourism, hospitality and events.

We worked with Angliss to launch ‘Experience is Everything’ – a brand platform that would unite their strengths, and give them the confidence and language to own their specialist category outright.

Willam Angliss Institute
Campaign narrative
Campaign visual identity 
Messaging framework
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Shifting the perception of a ‘conservative service-based institute’ to a vibrant, exciting, experience-led brand.

More than quiet achievers

The repositioning of Angliss was much more than just another student acquisition campaign. Although long recognised as leaders in hospitality and food, the Institute was lesser known for its top-shelf offerings in events and tourism.

To grow and evolve, the Angliss brand needed to shake off this limited perception – along with the reputation of being ‘quiet achievers’ – to tell the full story of everything they do.

In addition, Angliss needed to go upstream and challenge the outdated market perception that roles within hospitality, food, tourism and events are “not real jobs”, “not a profession” or an attractive “long-term career option”.

An appetite for change

At the executive level, there was an appetite for change – for the institute to ‘back themselves’ and take a ‘bold and confident’ approach.

For the staff, there was a desire to be innovative and to open up the silos around each specialisation. With four complimentary pillars of expertise, the opportunities for collaboration, creativity and cross-pollination of ideas was wide and deep.

So hot right now

The rise of the celebrity chef, reality cooking shows and fleets of food trucks. The explosion of festivals and events. The desire to always be exploring, discovering and travelling. The motivation to follow your passion to ‘love what you do’ and the elevation of the entrepreneurial spirit.

There’s never been a more exciting or creative time to work in food, hospitality, events and tourism.

"Figures show we are continuing to spend less money on buying things, and more on doing things – and telling the world about it online afterwards, of course."

Enter the ‘Experience Economy’.

Our search for a unifying compelling story explored, not just what and how Angliss does what they do, but who they are and why they do it.

Who are they? An Angliss person is a ringleader, a doer, a dreamer, the one behind the scenes that runs the show. They create the experience. They live it. They breathe it. Often, they own it.

Why do they do it? No matter what area of specialisation at the Institute, the common unifying thread is the drive to create exceptional experiences for the consumer. The experience is everything.

The bigger picture that emerged is that Angliss is much more than just an educational institute for jobs in the service industry. The Institute is a proven specialist in developing leaders in the ‘Experience Economy’ – food, events, tourism and hospitality. All of which are growth industries as consumers spend more, share more, and find more happiness and status in ‘experiences’ rather than ‘things’.

Experience is Everything. Experience is Angliss.

Angliss people eat, breathe and sleep experience. They have more claim on experience than any other institution in Australia.

Angliss is experience. Angliss owns experience.

By collecting all that Angliss does under the banner of experience, we are able to shift the perception of being a conservative service-based institute to being an exciting experience-led brand. Not just for potential students, but for the Angliss community – existing and past students, staff and industry.

Internally, the new positioning unites the silos at Angliss, and gives the different areas of expertise a platform to collaborate on – how can we create great experiences together?

Externally, the campaign boldly and confidently positions Angliss as leaders in experience – exploring how it looks, tastes, sounds, smells and feels to study, and work, in the experience industries.

A word cloud of the Experience is Everything campaign messaging.
Pages from the Experience is Everything campaign guidelines produced for William Angliss Institute

“From a brand and marketing perspective, the Experience is Everything campaign elements are exciting to use and squarely hit the brief."

Meaghan Jones, Angliss Advertising and Production Coordinator

Experience is Everything Campaign

We worked closely with the Brand and Marketing team to craft a confident and bold awareness campaign, delivered across an extensive range of applications.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand video
  • Cinema advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Out of home advertising
  • Environmental signage
  • Event signage
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing
  • Publication design
Experience is Everything campaign posters in a street setting with a person riding a bicycle in the foreground
Melbourne trams at a tramstop featuring advertising with the headlines 'Experience is Everything'
Public telephone booth advertising - poster with the headline 'Experience is Everything'
Billboard advertising at a train station with the tagline "A Taste of Luxury"
Large scale decal advertising in a train station with tagline "Experts in the Experience Industry"
Inside spread of the Experience is Everything Course Guide featuring a William Angliss Institute student apprentice.
Angled close-up of an inside spread of the Experience is Everything Course Guide with the headline "Taste the Passion".
6 double page spreads from the Experience is Everything Course Guide
Social media posts with the taglines "Feel at Home" and "Hear the Roar"

What the people are saying:

What students say

“Feedback has been that the brand video has been a real showstopper, and the expo stand put some of the others in the shade.”

Alex Lloyd, Angliss Marketing and Future Students Coordinator, commenting on the Angliss Experience at the 2018 VCE and Careers Expo, resulting in an increase in leads.

What staff say

“Staff have told us it makes them feel really proud to be a part of Angliss. The most valuable thing Alto did for us was to tell our story in a completely new and inspiring way, and articulate the amazing things our staff and students do to make this place really unique.”

Meaghan Jones, Angliss Advertising and Production Coordinator, commenting after the campaign’s internal launch.

What industry says

“The board were very positive! In fact, there was comment that this is the campaign that industry has been talking about creating for years (how to raise the profile of the industry).”

Karen Hook, Angliss Chief Marketing Officer, commenting after presenting the campaign to the Angliss Board.

Vintage black and white photograph of a group of chefs, with a superimposed headline "Creating Experiences Since 1940"