Clear thinking, straight-talking, fast moving. Your team.

We’re nimble, agile, and able to plug straight into your team. Be it a team of one or one hundred, we prioritise understanding your communication problem and getting straight into it, without all the smoke and mirrors of a typical agency. 

Portrait of Mark O'Keeffe - Alto staff member

Mark O’Keeffe

Brand and communication strategy

With over 20 years of designing brand and marketing communication strategies for startups to global brands, Mark sees every new project as an opportunity to raise the bar. 

Recent examples include collaborating with Victoria’s Department of Education to develop a range of communication strategies to transform the state of career education within our secondary school system.

Outside of Alto, Mark is a proud father, amateur electric bassist and volunteer firefighter.

Portrait of Andrew O'Keeffe - Alto staff member

Andrew O’Keeffe

Brand and communication strategy

Director and founding partner of Studio Alto, Andrew has over 20 years experience in Australia and the UK. He has worked with a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from grassroots cultural and sustainability organisations to multi-national corporations.

Andrew looks for inspiration outside of design and strives to bring a sense of simplicity, clarity, authenticity and appropriateness to every project.

He believes in working hard, sitting up straight, avoiding cliche, embracing the unexpected and leaving on time.

Eunice Yip

Brand strategy

Trained as a visual communicator, Eunice has 10 years of experience both in Australia and Singapore. Now working as one of the lead designers at Studio Alto, typography and image-making heavily informs Eunice’s practice.

Eunice believes in the need to constantly evolve and advance one’s skill set, and has done work in animation, illustration and video production alongside her main discipline of brand strategy.

Portrait of Lucy Boehme - Alto staff member

Lucy Boheme

Communication strategy

Fresh-faced and full of ideas, our newest team member Lucy is constantly finding new ways to make a bang in the industry. Born to two artists, Lucy’s interest in art is – quite literally – natural and totally intuitive.

Lucy powers the studio with her communication design prowess while trying to juggle a busy social life with a passion for creative arts and indoor foliage.

Lucy uses research to develop strategic ideas and solutions that place user experiences and services at the forefront of solutions.