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We provide strategic advice and expertise in brand, marketing and communications to help smart businesses launch, transform, connect and thrive.

Our role

Designing a pathway from problem to solution

Creative consulting services

Our approach to creative problem solving.

We’re outcome focussed, not output focussed. We take a big picture approach by assessing your current situation, what the desired goal is, and develop ways to give you the best chance of achieving success.

We’re realistic and resourceful. We work smart. That’s our role as creative consultants.

Our process for insight and ideas.

We help you tackle your problem by understanding through research, developing potential ideas for solutions, and making prototypes to test and refine ideas before we implement.

The lens we use to focus ideas.

We help you view your problem from the perspective of your people—customers, community, cohort, employees—and understand what they want and need to make their lives easier or better. How? By asking them, not assuming. Your people know you best. Listen to them.

How we develop solutions together.

You and your people bring the inside knowledge and experience, and our job as creative consultants is to bring an outside perspective and process to draw out valuable insights. Between us lies the solutions to your challenge.

How we bring the ideas to life.

We implement the strategy by resourcing and producing the tactical things that will give you the best chance of achieving your goals.

Plug + Play

Be it a team of one or one hundred, we plug straight into your business to increase your capacity and capability without all the overhead of a typical agency.

What we can bring to your team.



The perspective and insight that those on the inside sometimes can’t see.



The expert skills and knowledge that you don’t have in-house.



Direct access to a skilled and experienced core team and network of collaborators.



The extra set of hands when you can’t handle the workload internally.



The ability to be flexible, move fast and efficiently.



You don’t need to manage us, we don’t get caught in politics or red-tape.

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“I recommend Alto to anyone looking for an excellent strategic communications and branding partner”

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The A-team

Clear thinking,
straight-talking, fast-moving.
Meet the team.

Portrait of Mark O'Keeffe - Alto staff member

Mark O’Keeffe

Brand and communication strategy

With over 20 years of designing brand and marketing communication strategies for startups to global brands, Mark sees every new project as an opportunity to raise the bar. 

Recent examples include collaborating with Victoria’s Department of Education and Training to develop a range of communication strategies to transform the state of career education within our secondary school system.

Outside of Alto, Mark is a proud father, amateur electric bassist and volunteer firefighter for the CFA.

Portrait of Andrew O'Keeffe - Alto staff member

Andrew O’Keeffe

Brand and communication strategy

Director and founding partner of Alto, Andrew has over 20 years of experience in strategic communication and brand strategy in Australia and the UK. He has worked with a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from grassroots cultural and sustainability organisations to multi-national corporations.

Andrew takes a strategic approach to problem-solving, using the design-thinking process to work with clients and stakeholders to co-design and develop solutions to identify challenges and opportunities.

Interested in the complexity of communication, culture and human behaviour, Andrew writes to inform his practice, applying insights to increase the effectiveness of his work and the work of the studio.

Eunice Yip

Brand design and strategy

Eunice started her career as a graphic designer passionate about editorial and exhibition design but has since progressed down the path of brand strategy.

She is a firm believer that successful brands are built on the back of unique value propositions that are clearly articulated to their intended audience through a cohesive strategy that includes a strong narrative and accompanying visual identity.

Her particular interests in this area lie in taking on brand and user research and developing a clear and exciting visual and narrative response.

Eunice continues to deepen her skills in brand strategy and focus on leading creative, strategic campaigns that transform brands.

Donna Profile Picture

Donna Burrell

Studio Manager

Donna brings many years of experience to the team having worked for large multi-nationals and smaller SME’s. She specialises in bookkeeping but her role at Alto extends much further through to studio administration, operations and accounts. Donna is the financial communicator on all projects and can also project manage as required.

Ultimately, Donna keeps the team and our clients organised, updated and in order. Regular and prompt communication, effectiveness and confidentiality are key in ensuring a streamlined approach for the team and especially our clients.

Donna has the ability and knowledge to multi-task and work through many office requirements as they arise, as well as deal with people at all levels. If you want something completed on time, in detail and with accuracy, she will manage anything requested of her.

Marcus Profile Picture

Marcus Cobbledick

Video marketing

Marcus is one of Alto’s key collaborators when it comes to video marketing for our education clients. With a whole swag of capabilities from concept to finish product, Marcus is an allrounder in video production, editing and motion magic. He’s also an all-round legend of humankind.

With roots firmly set in documentary filmmaking, he’s always aiming to spark audience connection through genuine, real-life storytelling – capturing the magic in a moment and framing characters in an authentic and relatable way.

Check it out for yourself.

Rohan Profile Picture

Rohan Trollope

Copywriter and brand story teller

Every brand has a story to tell, and when it comes to getting the story straight, Rohan plays a vital part in our A-Team collaborator lineup.

From simple one-liners that grab your attention to emotive brand narratives that make you feel all the feels, Rohan brings clarity and character to every project we collaborate on.

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