Monash Science Careers Guide

An experimental playground

Albert Einstein once said “Play is the highest form of research”. Who are we to argue with that?

With the Monash Science Careers Guide, we attracted more students to have fun kickstarting their career in science.

Monash University
Science Faculty
Higher Education
Editorial Art Direction & Design 
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Monash Science Careers Guide promotional posters in a street setting

The situation

Unlike many other degrees, the career opportunities available under the umbrella of ‘Science’ are wide and varied. However, science had an image problem. Careers in science were stereotypically seen as just for the academic, conjuring up images of white coats, bunsen burners and mathematical equations.

This perception affected not only current students planning their career, but also future students looking to study science.

The Monash Science faculty recognised the value in promoting their degrees not just as a path of study, but as a gateway into endless opportunities in varied industries.

The solution

Breaking the science stereotype

To change the perception around science we needed to develop a vibrant, creative campaign visual identity that would appeal to the youthful and inquisitive mind. We designed the Monash Science Careers Guide to promote the study of science as an exciting progression into a diverse and fulfilling career.

A guide to excite

The idea of play led our creative thinking. We focused on shifting the perception of this field from ‘nerdy’ and ‘boring’, to exciting, vibrant, fun and creative. We wanted science to have its time in the limelight!

To illustrate this we created an ‘experimental playground’ – a playful, bold, vibrant galaxy of all things science – combining elements relating to each school in a dynamic visual identity.

Monash Science Careers Guide publication cover

Hero graphics created for each School’s feature within the Monash Science Careers Guide

Monash Science Careers Guide website assets
Monash Science Careers Guide - social media marketing assets
Inside spread of Monash Science Careers Guide - contents page and foreword
Inside pages of the Monash Science Careers Guide
Monash Science Careers Guide - School of Biomedicine hero graphic spread
Monash Science Careers Guide - School of Math hero graphic spread
Inside spread of Monash Science Careers Guide