Messaging Trends in Tertiary Education

Report: Selling the Dream

An investigation into the brand and marketing trends of over 100 tertiary education providers across Australia and New Zealand.

Are tertiary education brands sending out similar marketing messages?

Everyone knows the clichés around tertiary education brand and marketing—smiling, happy faces of young adults complemented by an inspirational message about the future.

You only have to talk to anyone in the education sector about the stereotypical campaign and you’ll see a knowing eye-roll. But is it fair or true? Are all tertiary education brands sending the same message? And if so, why?

We thought we would find out.

Selling the dream report uncovers the trends and explores the meaning and emotions behind the messages.

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  • Who is the audience? 
  • What do they think and feel about life and the future?
  • What do they want from education and work?
  • What are the messages and the meanings behind them?
  • What emotional and psychological levers are brands pulling to influence choice?
  • How do the messages compare to what individuals really want?
  • What are the challenges for the sector?
  • What are the opportunities to create brand differentiation?

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