Swinburne University Centre for Urban Transitions

Built Better

Designing a better future for the built environment with Swinburne University’s Low Carbon Living Research Centre.

BuiltBetter is a knowledge hub that makes trusted information on the built environment easily accessible, useful and implementable.

Swinburne University
Centre for Urban Transitions
Brand Visual Identity 
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Built Better logo animation
An illustrated animation for BuiltBetter – better homes and workplaces, better communities and better cities.

The situation

To meet the Paris Climate agreement goal of keeping global warming below 2°C, the building sector must halve its energy consumption by 2030. However, people working in the built environment sector, government and industry struggle with finding, using and providing evidence to assist with their decision-making processes.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL) is a national research and innovation hub that seeks to enable a globally competitive low carbon built environment sector.

The ‘CRCLCL Knowledge Hub Project’ team identified the need within Australia to have a centralised digital resource (knowledge hub) that would make trusted information on carbon reduction in the built environment easily accessible, useful and implementable.

The solution

Like most organisations and businesses that are too close to what they do, the team at ‘CRCLCL Knowledge Hub Project’ found it hard to explain exactly what they do and who they do it for. The working title of the project didn’t help either.

We worked with the ‘CRCLCL Knowledge Hub Project’ team at Swinburne University to transition their academic research project to user-friendly consumer brand.

We helped them clearly define the ‘what, how and why’ of the their work, which led to a more user friendly brand name – BuiltBetter – and a unique brand visual identity that sat outside the walls of academia.

The implementation of the new identity gave the team at BuiltBetter new found clarity and momentum – both internally and externally – and a toolkit of communications and marketing tools to take the brand to market.

A set of cascading business cards for BuiltBetter
3 informative flyers highlighting the urgency of climate change with bold headlines and statistics.
A conference name tag on a lanyard with the attendee name printed on it.
BuiltBetter Twitter profile on iPad and mobile

BuiltBetter website designs

BuiltBetter website landing page on a computer screen
3 website lower page designs.
Two website resource pages – one mocked up on a laptop screen and another in the background.