RMIT University PSI

Turning complex ideas into new opportunities

How do you create an identity for a team that deals with some of the most complicated and ambiguous ideas and opportunities at one of Australia’s largest universities?

You help unify all members of the team by defining their purpose and bringing it to life, so they can focus on doing what they do best —  building the future of RMIT University.

RMIT University
Policy Strategy & Impact
Higher Education
Brand Visual Identity 
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RMIT PSI logo brand mark
PSI sub division brand mark - Policy
PSI sub division brand mark - Strategy
PSI sub division brand mark - Applied Innovation

The situation

What is PSI?

The PSI team (Policy, Strategy & Impact) are an internal team within RMIT University who specialise in dealing with complex opportunities for RMIT.

The PSI team work internally & externally to build, refine and create systems and relationships that share RMIT’s vision for the future of innovation. Working across three distinct areas, the team as a whole helps take vague, early ideas and turn them into opportunities and success stories.

What was the challenge?

Like most organisations and businesses that are too close to what they do, the PSI team at RMIT found it hard to explain exactly what they do, especially due to the complex nature of their work.

We helped elevate the internal and external profile of RMIT PSI by developing a consistent and cohesive brand narrative and visual identity that helped to unify the entire team, enabling them to collaborate, grow and develop more effectively.

The solution

We worked with RMIT to develop a strategic brand strategy, messaging refresh and visual identity to consolidate the PSI team, giving them greater opportunity to tackle complex opportunities and possibilities as a united front.

The visual style we developed symbolises the work that the PSI team do — turning the abstract into tangible outcomes. We developed visual gradient shapes for each sector (Policy, Strategy & Impact) to help communicate a sense of unity between each sector, whilst still adhering to the same visual style.

PSI sub divisions
Cascading shot of business cards showing front and back designs.
An RMIT PSI presentation screen cover slide.
Two RMIT PSI eDMs side by side on iPad screens

Applying the RMIT PSI brand to a suite of digital and print communications

Brochure cover with the title "Designing Inclusive Communities" and an inside spread with a headline on the left and image on the right.
Two inside spreads of a brochure with feature text, body copy and images.
Pages from the RMIT PSI brand guidelines developed by Studio Alto