Change One Thing

Conversations on the future of education

If you could Change One Thing in Education, what would it be? We’re speaking to the educators, change-makers and visionaries for their take.

Alto Social Initiative
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The situation

The future of education: a wicked problem. It’s becoming commonplace to talk about the state of education and the future of work. What is the purpose of education in the 21st century? Is our current system fit-for-purpose? What should we be teaching to prepare the citizens of the future when the future is changing more quickly than ever before?

It’s one of those wicked problems—a huge, complex issue with so many angles and interdependencies that it looks impossible to solve.

Where do we start? How do we redesign education? Let’s start small, with just one thing. Why? Often by changing one thing, everything changes.

The opportunity

As designers, strategists and communicators, it’s not our place—or our ambition—to redesign education. But we started wondering:

  • What if we could create a place for the voices and ideas of change-makers to be heard, for conversations to take place and be shared, to learn, to inspire and create opportunities for collaboration and innovation?
  • What value could we bring, and what could we learn along the way?
  • What part could we play in advancing the conversation? How can we connect people with knowledge?


Change One Thing was borne out of this

Featured speakers

Jan Owen

CEO, Foundation of Young Australians

Is the biggest problem with education the word ‘education’? Social entrepreneur and CEO of FYA Jan Owen wants to change the way we talk and think about what it means to learn in our rapidly changing world.

Louka Parry

CEO and Founder, The Learning Future

Would you rather your child succeed in school or flourish in life? Education expert Louka Parry believes that it’s time for a fundamental mindset change in how we define success in today’s learning environments.

Peter Hutton

Founder, Future Schools Alliance

What will it take to change the course of education? Peter’s answer? Well, let’s just say he’s not going to be satisfied by simply changing one thing.


“Our challenge is not that we will be too bold. It’s that we won’t be bold enough”

Louka Parry, Education Futurist